An Unemployed Life

Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

When the Nightly News brings you comfort, you know that you aren’t living the life of your dreams.

As I look at my life, the one issue that seems to dominate is a lack of purpose, lack of direction. Being unemployed hasn’t become a new identity yet, but it is omnipresent in my thoughts.

Imagine being unemployed for nearly 2 years. The reason for the unemployment doesn’t matter. In that time, my life has changed. Going through jail, rehab, love, and career change can do that.

I don’t mean to focus on the problem.

I want this blog to focus on solutions.

In the last 2 years, I have found discovered a multitude of inspiring resources, from how to maintain enthusiasm for life, how to achieve goals, finding the happiness that is desired, and especially enhancing one’s spiritual condition.

I want to narrow the focus of this blog. I want your help. I am going to include a poll to determine what direction to take this blog.

Please provide comments, thoughts, insults!


4 comments on “An Unemployed Life

  1. I was unemployed for 18 months at the end of my drinking career. I was under-employed for another eight after that while I was getting sober. And then I was employed in a position that was so far removed from my areas of experience and education that… well, let’s just say I learned how to be very grateful for any job.

    I think a lot of us–particularly those of us new to recovery–would really benefit from hearing how you’re dealing with these day-to-day issues. This economy isn’t the best for sober alcoholics who have to “start over” in one way or another!

    Enjoyed your blog. Thanks for all your thoughts.

  2. Hey thanks for tuning in to me. I’m just now pretty much returning to the program. I am a pretty change-resistant person, and right now I just got another job offer after being unemployed, homeless, the whole shot. Reading your posts is a component of my return to the Fellowship. Keep walking in the sunshine of the Spirit, man, you’re doing all the right things.

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