7 Links for Pleasure, Education, or Enlightenment

I’ll be honest – I’m short on creativity today, but long on curiosity. Regardless, I’m always striving to better myself, and give you tools to help you do the same.


These are some of the most interesting “news” blogs I’ve read. Anything from business/entrepreneur, web trends, web design.


And if you happen to be in the mood for learning something new, how about dipping your toe in the world of programming? Microsoft’s .NET framework isn’t something most of my readers may be interested in, but if you are looking into expanding into the IT world, this could pique your curiosity…


Or maybe you’re in the mood for some heavier reading. James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh is one of the most enlightening books ever written. Thanks to the internet, you can read it for free:


Off to a meeting I have been dreading, with a lovely state investigator. No time to explain right now, will try later this evening.



5 comments on “7 Links for Pleasure, Education, or Enlightenment

  1. That’s interesting – I linked to a pdf of “As a Man Thinketh” on the About Page of Morning Cup of Grace.

  2. The post is at http://starsworth.wordpress.com/about/ – the book is interesting, as for acknowledging and tapping the power of the mind, what we tell ourselves, and how it has so much impact in shaping who we are and what happens to us. It’s pretty short, and you can probably read it in one sitting. I think you’ll enjoy it!

  3. It takes an inordinate amount of strength to look in the mirror fully and even more to take direction there from. Congratulations on completing those steps. I’ve no idea what your completed reading list includes, but consider Outliers and Talent is Overrated. The first because it contextualizes life, events and causality in a way that few things I’ve read do and the latter simply because it speaks to the relative unimportance of “talent” in achievement…one of my favorite topics. I think you might enjoy both.

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