Living in Your Own Utopia

Imagine a small country with few people.

They have weapons and do not employ them;

they enjoy the labor of their hands

and do not waste time inventing laborsaving machines.

They take death seriously and do not travel far.

Since they dearly love their homes,

they are not interested in travel.

Although they have boats and carriages,

no one uses them.

They are content with healthy food,

pleased with useful clothing,

satisfied in snug homes,

and protective of their way of life.

Although they live within sight of their neighbors,

and crowing cocks and barking dogs can be

heard across the way,

they leave each other in peace

while they grow old and die.


– 80th Verse, Tao Te Ching

Good Morning, World!

I have made a habit of apologizing, what for, I am unsure. I always have the best of intentions when beginning a blog series, but life seems to keep me sidetracked. I know you will forgive me.

Spring is in the air, and those of you who are into gardening (and those who follow the “Farmers’ Almanac“) know that this past Wednesday and Thursday were phenomenal days for planting. So you now know what I’ve been up to the past 48 hours. I promise I will be up to my ears in strawberries come Memorial Day!

Now that I am sufficiently sore, I figured I’d start my day with a blog post. I will soon return to the series I had begun earlier this week, “A Past, Exposed…“, but this morning I had other things on my mind.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to drive my Brother-in-Law to work this morning.

Within 10 minutes I realized another reason why I am so content with life as it is today.

I am so thankful I am no longer a 9 to 5 slave. I felt like I stepped out of bed and into the “Indy 500“! Mind you, I am a somewhat early riser naturally. Tend to wake up in the 7 o’clock hour anyhow, but last night we stayed up til mid-morning watching a movie, so I was sufficiently groggy.

Once I arrived home I immediately noticed the affect on my body. My neck and shoulders felt insanely tense.

Why do we do this to ourselves? I even had music blasting that can do nothing but put me in a fantastic mood, but I still stepped away stressed.

Thus I share with you this verse of the Tao Te Ching. When I arrived home, my father shared with me a slideshow of pictures from a friend who recently visited French Polynesia. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Reminded me of the verse, “Heaven is within you and all around you“. I am of the school of thought that Heaven is not a place in the clouds to seek after death. Rather, it is a state of mind.

If we are created in the image of God, then we are also Creators, right?

That is where all of this “Positive Thinking“, “Mindfulness“, and “Meditative Lifestyle” plays a part. We are able to create whatever reality we desire to experience.

Sadly, the majority of people have forgotten how to do this since they have grown out of childhood.

And so they continue to merge off their on-ramps, onto the daily “5 o’clock 500“. And I feel pity for them.

It has reaffirmed more than ever that God has plans in store for me, and if my will has any say in the matter, it will not include a 9 to 5 job.

Until later…have a peaceful Friday!


18 comments on “Living in Your Own Utopia

  1. Yes, we are creators, I like this post.

  2. good post. we are all creators. but I like to live in a nice house, so the 9-5 gig is mine. I am getting tired of the commute, but am not feeling moved to look for something different at this time. interesting dichotomy

    thanks for sharing.

  3. Is it OK to like my own post? 🙂

  4. Gardening is so very relaxing. We stress ourselves out over so many unnecessary things. We do create our own Utopias or Hells, don’t we?

  5. Enjoy your weekend Troy! Good post

  6. I think you are really brave for sharing your story in such a raw and honest way. I love how you incorporate a lot of philosophical elements into your blog and the concept of creating your own heaven is quite interesting to me not only philosophically but of course spiritually and in terms of recovery (from anything).

    A portion of my thesis is dedicated to discussing depression as a mental prison and of course the discussion could be continued with how addictions play into this. I guess I don’t have much of a point to make but thinking out loud.

    • I don’t know where you stand on religion…and I personally was raised in the Christian church, but have incorporated elements from every religion into my spiritual practice (I’m NO guru though! Just a spiritual being!).

      But one writing I found interesting was the “Lost Gospel of Thomas”. Google it!!

      It is an entire Biblical book written with the words of Jesus. The Catholic church claimed it was heresy, as a lot of its teachings contradict the rest of the Bible. At the same time, a lot of its teachings are word-for-word from the Bible too.

      It talks a lot about this idea of creating a “Heaven on earth”. Again, I have no idea what your opinion on all of that is…but you seem like an inquiring mind, and thought you might find it interesting! 🙂

      • I was actually raised in the Greek Orthodox church and in high school went to a non-denominational Christian church. Ironically, it was living in Greece that changed my beliefs on religion so I can’t say that I adhere to any one religion specifically. I do feel more spiritual than religious but am absolutely fascinated and intrigued by religious texts of all sorts. I have heard of the Last Gospel of Thomas but haven’t read it, so I will definitely look it up.

      • BTW…I wish I knew more women like you. Beautiful and intellectually stimulating. Not an easy combination to find in today’s world!

      • Thank you so much for saying that, that really makes my day.

    • One more thought…..how about the movie “Peter Pan”!? Grow up, and we lose the ability to transport ourselves to an alternate universe….

      I’m trying to learn how to transport myself to the picture of paradise in the above blog. Rather, I should say I’m trying to REMEMBER how!

      • You know, I haven’t seen Peter Pan in such a long time, or maybe I haven’t seen it at all! I should watch it when I have a chance and then maybe we can do a double post on it? I think that would be interesting to look at the philosophical/potentially spiritual implications of it. Would you be interested?

      • LOL! Absolutely! I hope we still have a VHS of it…or maybe the library has a copy…

        If I get my hands on it I’ll make sure to let you know, and you do the same….try to coordinate a similar time-frame…

      • Sounds good, let’s keep in touch and perhaps we can even turn it into a series project? I’m trying to think of other movies with similar veins of philosophical thought or concepts of perfectionism, utopia, heaven, peace, etc- the types of things that we both seem to talk about on our blogs.

  7. Congratulations. I have nominated this blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. To claim your award go to http://living4bliss.wordpress.com/2012/03/24/versatile-and-inspiring-more-awards/

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