A Parable Shared by Buddha

Inspiration is not lacking this afternoon, but energy is. I will dance with a variety of topics over the next several days, but thought I would share a parable here today…

The parables of Jesus are widely known in the Western culture, but little is known of the parables of Buddha. This enlightened one’s lessons have stood the test of time as well.

The crucial role of the Bodhi Mind in Buddhist cultivation is illustrated in the following parable.

Suppose a person is trying to fill a small tank of perhaps three cubic feet with rain water for drinking purposes. As soon as the tank is filled, all excess water escapes and is lost. The same is true if instead of a tank, he has only a small container, or for that matter, a teacup to fill up. However, if his vessel is as vast as a city’s reservoir, or the Amazon River, or for that matter the Pacific Ocean, he can store whatever rain water falls without ever losing a single drop!

This is the same for a devotee. If he is only seeking personal liberation or the good of his immediate family, his vessel is only as big as a cup or at most a three-cubic-foot tank. However, if his mind is like the mind of the Bodhisattvas and Buddhas seeking enlightenment for all, his vessel is as great as the rivers and oceans of the entire world. No amount of merit and virtue can ever be lost. Therefore, developing the Bodhi Mind — the aspiration to rescue all sentient beings — is not only necessary, it is the very essence of Buddhist practice.

– Buddha

One of joyful sources of fulfillment this blog has brought me is the ability to share my mind’s creativity with others, while cultivating and developing an intimate awareness of this creativity at the same time.

For free and for fun. What can beat that?

One further note, be sure to check out my third menu section at the top of this page. I am beginning to add links that I have collected with references to literally dozens of sources of FREE education.


3 comments on “A Parable Shared by Buddha

  1. Hello there!

    I am SO Happy to nominate you for the 7×7 Link Award, my personal favorite.

    This is an opportunity to share your favorite writing and your favorite blogs.

    see the link for details!


    Write on! Jen

  2. It’s interesting that my favorite book in the Bible is Proverbs, and that a young friend of mine recently showed up with a book of sayings of Buddha, which got me to see that many of his sayings are almost Solomon Proverbs verbatim. If I can find the book (and the young friend again) I’ll get you the ISBN or whatever if you’re interested. It was published in a very tiny book form, sort of like a pocket New Testament.

  3. I have been interested in the worlds religions since 5th grade. I have found more commonalities between the core teachings (and creation stories too) than I have differences. Now, maybe I am looking for them. That is possible. But they are there.

    When I think of the historic Jesus, I ponder the missing 30 years of his life. Where did he go? What did he do? I find it fascinating that so much of what he taught at 30 totally upended previous thought: turn the other cheek Vs. an eye for eye for example. Much of his teaching is in line with both Hinduism and Buddhism. I believe he was a man. I wonder if he traveled far and studied with teachers of other faith traditions. That would explain the message : Love your neighbor as your self. THIS did not make the powers that be at the time happy.

    Jesus was a revolutionary. So was the Buddha.

    I LOVE your blog…

    Peace, Jen

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