A Necessary “Status Update”

“All power is of God. What is not of Him has no power to do anything.”

– A Course in Miracles

Sunrise in Corolla North Carolina, 4/20/12

I have been away for FAR too long. Sometimes life happens.

I wanted to post a brief “Status Update” before publishing more of my typical content later this morning. After being away from the blog for nearly 2 weeks, I feel it is deserved.

So God has done some pretty miraculous things in my life. I haven’t written about them because I am trying to decide how much discretion to use before exposing myself to the entire world via the internet. This is going to continue to take time, but more will certainly be revealed.

I’ll give you a brief overview before letting you continue with your day…

2 years ago I got sober. Since then I’ve “grown up” – developmentally, emotionally, spiritually. 3 months ago, a romantic relationship ended abruptly and unexpectedly. God used this as another wake-up call in my life. I started this blog just 3 weeks earlier, and in that time I have been reintroduced to an old passion of mine in writing.

Last week on the beaches of Corolla, NC, God brought me closer than ever before. I made the leap from a youth to being a man; from being in a stage of preparation to a stage of leadership; an outlook of perpetual wonder to one of intuitive understanding all in an instant.

Look, I know it sounds crazy. I’ve checked with several people, including mental health professionals, to make sure whether or not I should check myself into a mental hospital. Not kidding.

So here I am, a week after my revelation. Have had time to reflect and share these insights with many loved ones. I no longer feel completely overwhelmed by it all, but I certainly stand in awe. I remain inquisitive, not so much to the “why’s”, as to the “how’s”.

I used the metaphor of flowers in the Springtime in relation to my life many times before. In that singular moment last week, this flower began to bloom.

A new season has begun, one which I am absolutely excited to share with the world.

Thanks for visiting, hope you come back soon…


5 comments on “A Necessary “Status Update”

  1. It is like “why” does not matter anymore. That was the way it was with me.

  2. Congrats on the awakening. A whole new life of success in all areas now opens up to you. Jay

  3. Troy, I call those experiences “Manna” for the rest of my life. In time, for me, they become a memory. Sometimes they seem unbelievealbe or exaggerated. But I never forget them. And they change the course of my life. No, I didn’t quit my job every time or run away with a lover, but those moments formed the foundation for a new path – a new direction – a new outlook.

    In Maui I had such a moment. I still can’t put it into words that don’t sound egotistical and rude, but my life has changed. Totally and inexplicably.

    looking forward to sharing your journey from here on. Keep coming back. the road is wide and the journey exhilarating.


  4. So happy for you! I look forward to hearing what is in stored for you on your journey wherever God leads you.

  5. Sounds like “praying for God’s will and the power to carry it out” became a spiritual awakening, and, an opportunity. I am very excited for you. 🙂 Yes, more shall be revealed. 🙂

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