The Greatest Love Song Ever Written

This post is an analysis of what is often referred to as the greatest love song ever written. It also happens to be my personal favorite love song, and has been used as a source of synchronicity in my life as well. It has been performed by numerous artists throughout the last several decades.

I have a video of the original performer of the song, Janis Joplin, at the conclusion of this post.

Hope you enjoy!

The Rose

Written by Amanda McBroom

Performed by Janis Joplin | Bette Midler | Conway Twitty | LeAnn Rimes

Some say love, it is a river

 That drowns the tender reed

 Some say love, it is a razor

 That leaves your soul to bleed

 Some say love, it is a hunger

 An endless aching need

 I say love, it is a flower

 And you, its only seed


 It’s the heart, afraid of breaking  

 That never learns to dance

 It’s the dream, afraid of waking

 That never takes the chance

 It’s the one who won’t be taken

 Who cannot seem to give

 And the soul, afraid of dying

 That never learns to live


 When the night has been too lonely

 And the road has been too long

 And you think that love is only

 for the lucky and the strong

 Just remember in the winter

 Far beneath the bitter snow

 Lies the seed

 That with the sun’s love, in the spring

 Becomes the rose


A river…so easy to drown in the euphoria known as “Romantic Love”. Passions can move so quickly that one can be pulled downstream for miles, losing all sense of rationality. This is the love depicted so often by Hollywood. This is the love we strive for as teenagers and young adults. This is the ideal we hope for before we experience the “Razor’s Edge” of Love.

There is no pain quite like that of a broken heart. It can bring one to their knees, sapping them of any motivation to live life for long periods of time. It can fuel shame and regret, fierce resentment and long-term anxiety.

Pursuing the idea of love, this “endless aching need“, or prioritizing it as one’s greatest need can contribute to a dissatisfaction with life, and prevent one from ever realizing true fulfillment. Sorry to all the “Law of Attraction” people! Now don’t misunderstand me…to be human is to desire to love and to be loved.

Again, I don’t want to come across as “hard-hearted” here. I have experienced the hunger of love so strong that my chest ached with pangs of desire. I craved love and romance, and once in a relationship I only found a sense of contentment in making the woman I was with happy. Shortly after this relationship came to an abrupt end, it became clear to me that I suffered from “Love Addiction”. I wrote a post about this back in February 2012, you can read it here.

Once I lost my source of happiness, my identity and plan for my future, my primary focus, well I imagined any chance at a joyful existence had been decimated. Boy was I wrong!

God ended up using this to catapult me into a renewed relationship with Him. In the months that followed, I realized that I had repeatedly misplaced my happiness and my identity on artificial “things”. At one time it was drugs, alcohol, and a social life. Then it was career success and my paycheck. Then it was NOT using drugs or alcohol; the clothes I wore and how I was percieved by others; hoping to not go to jail when I had a court case last year; etc. You get the idea.

Once I placed my focus on seeking God’s will, and my relationship with Him and my own spiritual growth as my priority, miracles began to happen in my life. I have met another beautiful, loving, Christian woman. I have witnessed God moving in my life in dozens of circumstances. Oh, and I have NEVER been more happy or joyful!

Anyways…back to the  analysis of “The Rose”…

The second verse of the song goes into a discussion of fear, and how fear can literally paralyze a person. I feel that the most powerful line in this verse is “And the soul, afraid of dying, that never learns to live.”. Powerful, and so true. See this song goes beyond the emotionally and hormonally-charged sensation known as “romantic love”. It addresses the spiritual level of love, and life itself.

Love can hurt. As I stated before, I don’t know of anything more painful than a severely broken heart. The antidote to fear is it’s opposite: Faith. Like I said earlier, if you are human you are going to desire love. Faith in God, a Universal Spirit, a Creator, a Higher Power – this is a prerequisite in order to experience the miracle that is true love. And why not?…God is Love, after all!

I know without a doubt that the previous paragraph is going to be a source of contention for many. I am completely open to hearing your thoughts and opinions! Please, please share your agreements or disagreements in the comments section below!!

Why is a faith in God & God’s Love necessary to experience the miracle of love? One need look no further than the third verse of this song!

When the night has been too lonely

 And the road has been too long

 And you think that love is only

 for the lucky and the strong

 Just remember in the winter

 Far beneath the bitter snow

 Lies the seed

 That with the sun’s love, in the spring

 Becomes the rose

The beauty of nature is perfect. It provides us with infinite and incomparable metaphors. The entire song works up to the last several lines, which explains WHY faith is necessary. God provides all we need. We may not receive it according to our own timetable, but as long as we stay open, listening for a little nudge from a Higher Power; as long as we stay honest about the desires of our hearts and the priorities in our life; as long as we stay willing to act according to His Will – the possibilities are endless!

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy the following video!


9 comments on “The Greatest Love Song Ever Written

  1. I like almost everything you post because you really put thought and heart into your blog, yet I have to say this post is truly beautiful in so many ways, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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  3. Nice one Troy.

  4. יש לך כתיבה מאוד יפה שירה עם עומק ומשמעות לכל מילה סליחה על התגובה הקודמת הבנתי את הטעות שלי.

  5. קראתי אהבתי לחוש את הרגש שלך בכתיבה כל מילה יש לה משמעות שלה
    אני גם כותבת שירי אהבה הנוגעים ללב
    יש לי אתר משלי בו אני מבטא את הרגש שלי.
    אתה איש עם המון אמוציות ואינטליגנציה רגשית הבולטת בכתיבתך.

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