An Old Blog Has a New Beginning

It’s only the beginning now
…a pathway yet unknown
At times the sound of other steps
…sometimes we walk alone

The best beginnings of our lives
May sometimes end in sorrow
But even on our darkest days
The sun will shine tomorrow.

So we must do our very best
Whatever life may bring
And look beyond the winter chill
To smell the breath of spring.

Into each life will always come
A time to start anew
A new beginning for each heart
As fresh as morning dew.

Although the cares of life are great
And hands are bowed so low
The storms of life will leave behind
The wonder of a rainbow.

The years will never take away
Our chance to start anew
It’s only the beginning now
So dreams can still come true.

New Beginnings by Gertrude B. McClain

You can call it a hiatus if you want.

Blogging doesn’t come naturally to me. I love to write. I am overly analytical, and I love to get my creative juices flowing through the act of writing. Writing a consistent blog even enabled me to view the world from a different angle as I was constantly looking for inspiration. What lessons am I gaining from day to day life? Thoughts that ordinarily might spark a conversation suddenly had me taking notes for a future blog post.

I’m not going to list the dozens of reasons (excuses) that I quit writing. I will say it became difficult to write without a clear focus. I was also writing before as a way to cope with a life unemployed. And I was practicing developing a brand and an audience. Suddenly online marketing and search engine optimization became important to me. Content creation became the driving force, more so than creativity or writing from the heart.

It ceased being fun.

In the meantime, I got into another relationship, started working full time again, and ended up leaving the aforementioned relationship. Oh, and took some time to make a few mistakes, and lose a grandfather. Life hasn’t been easy. But when is it ever easy?

So why have I decided to resume blogging?

I guess simply as an outlet.

I could give several reasons. But basically my mind is so active I need to do something to occupy it. Writing is as positive an outlet as anything I’ve done in the past, so why NOT resurrect an old hobby that was both enjoyable and provided an opportunity for growth.

So I am resuming the blog to talk about whatever I want to talk about. I don’t care who reads it, or if anyone reads it. Knowing me, you can expect the following:

  • Baseball opinion essays
  • Bible discussion (theology, history, apologetics)
  • Book reviews (anything I read)
  • Psychology discussions (addiction, relationships, depression, etc.)

As always, I will include pieces of poetry, infographics, links, and plenty of photographs. Try to at least make it appealing to the eye. If I maintain writing consistently, the blog should take shape all on its own.

Time and inspiration will determine the quantity and quality of my writing. I’m putting that in God’s hands. I won’t be doing advertising on the blog, and will respond to any comments as I am able.

My priority as of today (April 13, 2014), is simply to reawaken a creative side of me that I’ve ignored for too long. Content, followers, likes and views are the ego’s poison to bloggers.


2 comments on “An Old Blog Has a New Beginning

  1. Well Troy you were one of the first people to ever follow any of my blogs and back at you. Having gone through some things similar, and also a return to blogging let me say a heart felt “Welcome Back”

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