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Free Education

Part of the reason I started this blog was my own struggle with finding direction in my life. Here I am, 6 weeks later, and I feel I have a much better vision for my life, and I am developing a plan to attain that vision.

That is my story, but what good does it do if I only seek to serve myself?

My vision for this blog was to feed our soul AND our mind. To this point, I have been including numerous uplifting stories and poems, as well as sharing a few of my own experiences. I now want to begin to include resources to feed your mind.

The internet is the most amazing, most invaluable resource Man has ever created. It is a source of almost infinite information – and knowledge is more valuable than gold.

The following pages contain within them links to directories of open source websites, free courses provided by world-renowned universities, and communities that encourage the acquisition of knowledge:

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